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Our big dogs are very kind and gentle...

Our big dogs are very kind and gentle,

Our big dogs are very kind and gentle,
especially with kids

Emma on the other hand, can be a force to reckon with!

Emma: A funny story

Who you callin a teacup chihuahua? Clearly I'm a COFFEE cup chihuahua!

Who you callin a teacup chihuahua? Clearly, I'm a COFFEE CUP chihuahua!

About Emma: ( cat-dog )

This wasn't staged. We were getting carpeting installed so we moved the/her couch into the kitchen. Emma climbed upon the counter to get a taste of her favorite beverage (coffee). What we didn't notice until reviewing the picture was the figurine in the background! Look closely at the top right side of the pic ( there's a lil' emma lookalike with a coffee cup sittin' on top of the microwave, the cup says I "heart" my dog )

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

C'mon, Mom..Let's go back inside!

Not me..It's finally snowing..YAY!!

OK, so now that I'm back in the house and comfy..let me tell ya about my week..
It all started out just fine and dandy on Monday mornin..
I woke up and Dad was home..He had the day off for some reason! Well, Mom was leavin to go outa town for the day, but she told me that we was goin for a ride first!!!
So I got all happy waggin my tail, and runnin out to the van..and then as we turned a curve through town..I realized where they was takin me..to THE VET!
So, I walked around outside with Dad sniffin all the places where other dogs have been (Me, not Dad..his sniffer ain't so great.) And then he dragged I walked inside, and then i turned around and tried ta walk right back outside, except Mom was blockin my exit!
So then Mom talks to the doc, and then she does the unthinkable..She put me into a big ole cage! She tried to pet me through the bars, but i wouldn't even look at her.
All I remember next is Dad walkin me out to the truck and a man laughing at me as I wobbled along sideways..Dad said I had to straighten up since i was drivin home..That is why the man laughed. I didn't think it was too funny though.
I guess the reason I had to go to that awful place and take a nap was so that my teeth could get cleaned. Mom says she loves my "Buddy kisses" so I guess it was all worth it.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Well, its been a looong time since Mama let me blog…
She had some trouble wif da internet not running fast lately…But my pal Josh helped ta fix it fur her over da weekend!
Mama sayz I’ve been up ta no good lately…Well I did do a couple things ta make her say that…I guess.
So here’s da scoop…er, what I’ve been up ta lately…
That’s me stealin Daddy’s walking stick on  the trail…Funny story…
Daddy told Mama to sit down on an old stump to take a rest…Mama said she didn’t wanna sit on the stump, so Daddy did.
Mama got out some snacks and threw him some string cheese (She didn’t throw me any either Sad smile)
So, Mama threw it sorta hard and it hit Daddy and made him flinch…when he did, the stump broke in half causing Daddy to get stuck in it, and Mama had to help Daddy get up, and when he tried ta use his walking stick to help himself up…I ran over and grabbed it from him and ran!  Mama was laughing so hard…It was great fun!
Here is my Robin friend…He visits me every day in da window, and even knocks on da back door.
Nope, that’s not me…It’s the card we got Daddy fur his birthday yesterday!…mama sayz that’s just how I look whenever I see somethin that scares me!
I gave Daddy a birthday present too…but Mama sayz I can’t show ya a picture of it…Mama did not like the present at all but Daddy sure did!
I got Daddy a chipmunk…I caught him myself!
Good thing Mama wasn’t home at the time…when I caught that first chipmunk...But I chased her around the patio wif da second one I caught...Mama said it was not funny.
Emma would have been proud though…She was a good chipmunk hunter…Daddy sayz they get into his stuff and tears it up…I used ta do that myself, but I don’t anymore!
I was sad to see this little bird friend die, ’…I only hunt chipmunks…Mama loves her bird friends and so do I. We like to watch them play at the bird feeder…The neighbor’s kitty probably caught this one…That kitty teases me and Sasha all the time when we’re outside in the yard…Mama brought the bird inside to take a picture of him before she buried him in the yard. Mama called him a ‘Grosbeak …He was very pretty... Like me.
There has been a LOT of people coming to visit me lately…There wuz six little girls with their mama and daddy…
I tried ta steal a hotdog from one of em…
then there was my uncle Tom with his son and soon to be daughter in law, and then there wuz a nice UPS delivery guy, and my Mama’s friend from down the street, and another neighbor man from down the street, and then my favorite…Sarah and Josh…(my sister and brother in law) Even though they were once more like my Mama and Daddy when I used ta live with them.
And then of course…a month ago my sister Sam brought her new puppy Molly to meet me…I gave her my toy squirrel, and she gave me her toy pink flamingo…It is my favorite, and the squirrel is her favorite toy now too, even though it is as big as her!

DSC01699 Here is Molly sittin on my bed.
DSC01767Here is me on my bed.
Oh yeah, I almost furgot to tell ya that Mama furgave me fur all my misbehavin'…She told me I was a good boy fur playing so nice wif the kids and wif Molly, and the UPS guy and everybuddy else.
Well, that about wraps it up fur now…I gotta take a nap on my bed now…That last picture made me feel sleepy!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A pause fur da paws!

Does this queen sized bed make me look big?

Hi der everbuddy! It's da Budster here bloggin agin!

I'm really havin a ball gettin ta know so many fur friendz! Well, herz da deal...Momz says I can blog regular like if'n I'm a good boy, an I am...now.
See dat lil bear sittin there in front of me?
Well, I bit da nose right off em a while back. In fact, Momz catches me ever once in a while pickin em up and puttin em somewhere else. I jus do that ta help Momz wif da re arrangin an decoratin that she enjoys doin around da house!
See my paw touchin da bear in dis picture? Well, what ya can't see iz how my mouth iz a waterin! But...
I promised da Momz dat I'd be good sos I can blog!

Now...Heres a picture of footprints from a purdy big kitty cat!

Dad tried ta put his hand next to it fur reference, but ever time he did dat this happened...

Sasha lays down on da tracks
   Jus sos ya know, da snow wuz very deep but hard enuff to walk on top of.
Here's me playin hide n seek wif da Momz...
She aint too good at it though, but I try an humor her anywayz!
Well, time fur my nap, I'll be back later unless I git eaten by a big kitty cat, WOL! (whoof out loud)
(Hey...I aint scared a little kitties, but da ones wif bigger paws than me kinda worries me!)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Buddy and blogging

I have outgrown this old chair since you'all seen me here last!

Hi dear frendz,
Its me…Buddy here, and I gotz sumptin ta say…

Well, I finally convinced Mom ta let me blog…I stared at her until she got da message!…(hey, it worked once before)

Theres been a lot happenin aroun da place lately…Our pack is a bit smaller now…I don’t really understand what happened, but my little (big) sis is not here anymore!

Alls I knowz is one day Mom and Dad waz cryin, so I stayed outta the way since my other sister Sasha wanted to stay close to them since she wuz cryin too…Well, I don hafta tell ya that dat wuz a bad day!

I tried ta sing ta cheer everbuddy up da next day, but I stopped when I noticed dat my best back up singer was gone!..Sasha can't sing worth a LICK! Emma was a good howler fur sure.

I wuzn’t too close ta Emma, but she did teach me a couple things…like how to stare down da mama when she be ignorin’ ya.

She taught Sasha how ta take a mouthful of food and dump it onto da living room floor ta eat it…(Sasha could use da exercise), Sasha never did drop down on da floor and wriggle over it the way Emma did though…She wuz cookin’ it, Mom sayz. She tried ta teach me ta do dat too, but I don’t leave my bowl unguarded…EVER!

Emma did teach me about how good coffee iz..When she got old her teeth fell out so I would crunch up my cookies (dog biscuits) and she would eat da crumbs dat I left just fur her, and then she would leave me a little bit of her coffee dat she got every morning! Yum!

Soon after Emma left, Sasha looked really, really sad..so Mom and Dad decided we would all go fur a nice hike in da woods…It wuz my first time goin since I was a pup, and guess what…I got ta run OFF LEASH! It was really slippery on da trail, so I slipped and slid, and nearly knocked Mom over, but I wuz a good boy and stayed on da trail (most of da time)..and NEVER let Mom and Dad outta my sight. When some loud snowmobiles came along I even ran to my Mama and stayed at her side…OK…I stayed behind her legs…until it was gone!

Well, I guess that about wraps it all up fur now…I am late fur my nap. I tried ta take one in Mom's chair yesterday and almost got away wif it too!

Now dis chair looks more comfy fur me!
Maybe when she's not lookin I'll try again.

Thanks fur droppin by!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An Emergency Run!

This is my grand-dog Rufio...
Tonight I had to make an emergency run to help wrap his claw which he split while playing. I have worked with injured dogs before, and I must say, this was a very easy-going, trusting dog. He was in quite a deal of pain, yet seemed to sense that we were helping him, even when it visibly hurt. Buddy wants to say something here:
Hi everbuddy,
My pal/nephew Rufio has a new lil sister, I haven't 'ficially met er yet, cause she hurt her earz and had surgery on em an iz still healin; but I can't wait ta pounce on play wif her very very soon; 'cept Rufio wuz playin wif her when he hurt hiz paw, so I don't know, she seems purty tuff! Her name iz...Kelsea
Kelsea & Rufio
Rufio says: "I luv my grandma!"
By da way, did ya notice my purdy smile? Mom sayz I look like dat commercial wif da doggies wif dentures in dis picture. What do ya think?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Buddy gets to blog!

I'm so dog-gone bored...I gotta do sumptin'..
Look into my eyeez...
Go to da compuder...

It worked!
I gots da mama to help me do a post today!

She's bin so buzy wif her other blog My Heart's Home lately.
She's bin takin lotsa pikshurs of da birds too.
Ya mite say she's kinda gone to da birds!
She won't let me chase em either.

Emma sayz HOLA!

I'm fraid of Emma, I seen her sit on a chipmonk an I think she kilt it!!
Da mama sayz to tell ya what happened was, Emma found a dead chipmonk an sat on it! after she tried ta bury it.
 But I'm still fraid of her.

 I did kill that chipmonk..Thats my story and I'm stickin' to it!
I wonder if Sasha knows what happened?
Don't ask me..I'll just stay here under mom's desk
where it's safe quiet. Shhh..Don't tell Emma
Where I am!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy National Day Of Prayer!

National Day Of Prayer 2011
I had a few things on my 'To-Do' list today, bathing Buddy was NOT on the list.  I was cleaning out the camper (on the list) when I decided to take a break and go into the house, Well, the dogs were outside, so I decided to do up the lunch dishes and sweep and mop the kitchen floor (also on the list).  I let the dogs in from the back yard, and was on my way to finish up some more work on the camper in the front yard when Buddy accidently got out the door- no problem- after he and Sasha ran around the front yard a little I called them both back inside, no problem, Bud came running full throttle towards the front door and decided to step it up a notch by performing a grand leap over a bunch of rocks ( I think he was just showing off for us girls) except he musta forgot that those rocks were incircling the garden pond, which came as a huge surprise when he fell into the mucky water on the other side of the rocks!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

You might remember a while back when Buddy was whining blogging about having to get medication put in his ears, well we found a product that he is even more afraid of than the ear medicine...

Yep, that's right this big tough dog is deathly afraid of.......

Todays photo shoot with Buddy! ( for the 'Word Play' part of blog see below.)

AKA: (How a dog gets as many yummy snacks as he wants)!


For the rest of the afternoon we kept catching Buddy standing at the table staring at the book just waiting for a snack..I had to put the book out of his sight to make him finally stop!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


This morning the dogs witnessed the most horrifying event imaginable....
I poured the last of the dogfood into their bowls...I didn't get out before the last snowstorm to buy more so had to supplement their food with doggie biscuits....  Well, I didn't realize just what impression that made on Buddy until I came home from the store with more dogfood. Buddy stood over the bag of food while Sasha hid in the corner where I was doing dishes. He kept a low growl while she stayed put. This is not normal behavior for him. I don't think any of our dogs have ever seen the food bin completely emptied. I distinctly remember Buddy watching very closely as I poured the last crumbs into the dish, he always watches when I pour more into the bin but never seen it empty. I think he was actually a bit traumatized?!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buddy's trip to the vet

Well today wuz a purdy hectic day fur da Budster.  Went to da vet to get caught up on all my shots an da doc told mom dat i have a yeest in-fek-shun in my left ear.  I wuz tryin' ta tell mom all mornin somtin wuz wrong when i kep my ear close to my cheek which izn't eazy to control deez big ol' flappers o mine!  So, jus when I wuz gettin all happy dat mom finally knew what waz up wit da ears, everthin took a turn fur da wurst when doc did somptin called an ear-ee-gay-shun in my poor sore ear! I cried and cried and da wurst part wuz my wounded pride when i had to take da walk of shame thru da waitin room whif all doze kitties and udder dogs watchin. Well, I dont hafta tell ya'all dat when mom putz dat stuff doc gave er in my ear tomorrow, I'm not gonna make it eazy fur her either, I figger it took mom, dad, and doc to do it today so at da most they only gots jus da two of em tomorrow to try it!
Oh yea, i almos furgot, i way 68 pounds! Last year i only wayd 24 pounds, that meens i gayned 44 pounds in jus a year! WoWhoof!
Yep, da Budster is purty good at math, an whinin, an cryin, an kissin, an howlin, an sniffin an...well you get da picture!..Speakin of pictures, Mom wuz so wore out from today she tried ta take my picture but I still wasn't forgivin her yet so I jus kep walkin away an she jus growled at me an said maybe she'd try agin tomorrow when we were both in a bedder mood. Well, she bedder try before she putz da stuff in my poor ear or else it be more of da same fur her tomorrow!  I noze what ya'all are thinkin, momz juz doin whats good fur da Budster an I do luv er fur it even dough I don awayz likes it! 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Buddy's first day back with the pack!

Can't wait to play!
Bud finds the ball Mom threw in the snow
Bud in mid air with the ball as Sasha buries her head in the snow looking for it!  ha-ha-ha!

DRAT!  I dropped it!

PHEW! Found it

I'm NEVER taking my eye off this ball again!

WORD PLAY WITH BUDDY The scholarly hound

WORD PLAY WITH BUDDY  The scholarly hound
howdy every-buddy,

well, mum says i look real dig-nuf'-hide in my new eyeglasses!

i dunno how she wud no....

i Dig..then when i had.. 'Nuf ,... i always Hide!

She musta found me out!



Very deep into the forest