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Our big dogs are very kind and gentle...

Our big dogs are very kind and gentle,

Our big dogs are very kind and gentle,
especially with kids

Emma on the other hand, can be a force to reckon with!

Emma: A funny story

Who you callin a teacup chihuahua? Clearly I'm a COFFEE cup chihuahua!

Who you callin a teacup chihuahua? Clearly, I'm a COFFEE CUP chihuahua!

About Emma: ( cat-dog )

This wasn't staged. We were getting carpeting installed so we moved the/her couch into the kitchen. Emma climbed upon the counter to get a taste of her favorite beverage (coffee). What we didn't notice until reviewing the picture was the figurine in the background! Look closely at the top right side of the pic ( there's a lil' emma lookalike with a coffee cup sittin' on top of the microwave, the cup says I "heart" my dog )

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy National Day Of Prayer!

National Day Of Prayer 2011
I had a few things on my 'To-Do' list today, bathing Buddy was NOT on the list.  I was cleaning out the camper (on the list) when I decided to take a break and go into the house, Well, the dogs were outside, so I decided to do up the lunch dishes and sweep and mop the kitchen floor (also on the list).  I let the dogs in from the back yard, and was on my way to finish up some more work on the camper in the front yard when Buddy accidently got out the door- no problem- after he and Sasha ran around the front yard a little I called them both back inside, no problem, Bud came running full throttle towards the front door and decided to step it up a notch by performing a grand leap over a bunch of rocks ( I think he was just showing off for us girls) except he musta forgot that those rocks were incircling the garden pond, which came as a huge surprise when he fell into the mucky water on the other side of the rocks!


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  3. That is such a cute dog, happy national day of prayer to you:)

  4. Thanks for your comment Toyin,
    I have visited your blog and found it very lovely!
    Peace In Jesus,


WORD PLAY WITH BUDDY The scholarly hound

WORD PLAY WITH BUDDY  The scholarly hound
howdy every-buddy,

well, mum says i look real dig-nuf'-hide in my new eyeglasses!

i dunno how she wud no....

i Dig..then when i had.. 'Nuf ,... i always Hide!

She musta found me out!



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