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Our big dogs are very kind and gentle...

Our big dogs are very kind and gentle,

Our big dogs are very kind and gentle,
especially with kids

Emma on the other hand, can be a force to reckon with!

Emma: A funny story

Who you callin a teacup chihuahua? Clearly I'm a COFFEE cup chihuahua!

Who you callin a teacup chihuahua? Clearly, I'm a COFFEE CUP chihuahua!

About Emma: ( cat-dog )

This wasn't staged. We were getting carpeting installed so we moved the/her couch into the kitchen. Emma climbed upon the counter to get a taste of her favorite beverage (coffee). What we didn't notice until reviewing the picture was the figurine in the background! Look closely at the top right side of the pic ( there's a lil' emma lookalike with a coffee cup sittin' on top of the microwave, the cup says I "heart" my dog )

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buddy's trip to the vet

Well today wuz a purdy hectic day fur da Budster.  Went to da vet to get caught up on all my shots an da doc told mom dat i have a yeest in-fek-shun in my left ear.  I wuz tryin' ta tell mom all mornin somtin wuz wrong when i kep my ear close to my cheek which izn't eazy to control deez big ol' flappers o mine!  So, jus when I wuz gettin all happy dat mom finally knew what waz up wit da ears, everthin took a turn fur da wurst when doc did somptin called an ear-ee-gay-shun in my poor sore ear! I cried and cried and da wurst part wuz my wounded pride when i had to take da walk of shame thru da waitin room whif all doze kitties and udder dogs watchin. Well, I dont hafta tell ya'all dat when mom putz dat stuff doc gave er in my ear tomorrow, I'm not gonna make it eazy fur her either, I figger it took mom, dad, and doc to do it today so at da most they only gots jus da two of em tomorrow to try it!
Oh yea, i almos furgot, i way 68 pounds! Last year i only wayd 24 pounds, that meens i gayned 44 pounds in jus a year! WoWhoof!
Yep, da Budster is purty good at math, an whinin, an cryin, an kissin, an howlin, an sniffin an...well you get da picture!..Speakin of pictures, Mom wuz so wore out from today she tried ta take my picture but I still wasn't forgivin her yet so I jus kep walkin away an she jus growled at me an said maybe she'd try agin tomorrow when we were both in a bedder mood. Well, she bedder try before she putz da stuff in my poor ear or else it be more of da same fur her tomorrow!  I noze what ya'all are thinkin, momz juz doin whats good fur da Budster an I do luv er fur it even dough I don awayz likes it! 

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WORD PLAY WITH BUDDY The scholarly hound

WORD PLAY WITH BUDDY  The scholarly hound
howdy every-buddy,

well, mum says i look real dig-nuf'-hide in my new eyeglasses!

i dunno how she wud no....

i Dig..then when i had.. 'Nuf ,... i always Hide!

She musta found me out!



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