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Our big dogs are very kind and gentle...

Our big dogs are very kind and gentle,

Our big dogs are very kind and gentle,
especially with kids

Emma on the other hand, can be a force to reckon with!

Emma: A funny story

Who you callin a teacup chihuahua? Clearly I'm a COFFEE cup chihuahua!

Who you callin a teacup chihuahua? Clearly, I'm a COFFEE CUP chihuahua!

About Emma: ( cat-dog )

This wasn't staged. We were getting carpeting installed so we moved the/her couch into the kitchen. Emma climbed upon the counter to get a taste of her favorite beverage (coffee). What we didn't notice until reviewing the picture was the figurine in the background! Look closely at the top right side of the pic ( there's a lil' emma lookalike with a coffee cup sittin' on top of the microwave, the cup says I "heart" my dog )

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A pause fur da paws!

Does this queen sized bed make me look big?

Hi der everbuddy! It's da Budster here bloggin agin!

I'm really havin a ball gettin ta know so many fur friendz! Well, herz da deal...Momz says I can blog regular like if'n I'm a good boy, an I am...now.
See dat lil bear sittin there in front of me?
Well, I bit da nose right off em a while back. In fact, Momz catches me ever once in a while pickin em up and puttin em somewhere else. I jus do that ta help Momz wif da re arrangin an decoratin that she enjoys doin around da house!
See my paw touchin da bear in dis picture? Well, what ya can't see iz how my mouth iz a waterin! But...
I promised da Momz dat I'd be good sos I can blog!

Now...Heres a picture of footprints from a purdy big kitty cat!

Dad tried ta put his hand next to it fur reference, but ever time he did dat this happened...

Sasha lays down on da tracks
   Jus sos ya know, da snow wuz very deep but hard enuff to walk on top of.
Here's me playin hide n seek wif da Momz...
She aint too good at it though, but I try an humor her anywayz!
Well, time fur my nap, I'll be back later unless I git eaten by a big kitty cat, WOL! (whoof out loud)
(Hey...I aint scared a little kitties, but da ones wif bigger paws than me kinda worries me!)


  1. Hey there Budster, thanks for visiting my blog.I really like that bear, wish I could eat one. Oops, I mean have one to play with. Take care, watch out for those big cats, scary. Talk to you later, your friend Coco.

    1. Hi Coco,
      I knows what ya mean! I hope you aint in trouble fur eatin dat pillow anymore! I used ta rearrange da pillows off da couch when I wuz a pup, but I never ate one! I jus ate a phone, a remote, momz shoe, and my personal favorit....
      ...A book on dog trainin by Ceasar Malone!
      see ya later, Coco
      ~Buddy AKA: Da Budster~

    2. please come by my blog, you won an award.

    3. Hi Denise,

      Me and Buddy want to thank you for the nice award...after Easter my daughter is visiting for a few days so we will copy the award and answer the questions sometime afterwards!

  2. Hey buddy. It pays to be good. I get treats when i'm good. You get to go bloggin when you're good.

    1. I sing fur my treats!
      ~I am a good singer too!

  3. I miss you Buddy, please blog soon. Your friend Coco loves you.


WORD PLAY WITH BUDDY The scholarly hound

WORD PLAY WITH BUDDY  The scholarly hound
howdy every-buddy,

well, mum says i look real dig-nuf'-hide in my new eyeglasses!

i dunno how she wud no....

i Dig..then when i had.. 'Nuf ,... i always Hide!

She musta found me out!



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