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Our big dogs are very kind and gentle...

Our big dogs are very kind and gentle,

Our big dogs are very kind and gentle,
especially with kids

Emma on the other hand, can be a force to reckon with!

Emma: A funny story

Who you callin a teacup chihuahua? Clearly I'm a COFFEE cup chihuahua!

Who you callin a teacup chihuahua? Clearly, I'm a COFFEE CUP chihuahua!

About Emma: ( cat-dog )

This wasn't staged. We were getting carpeting installed so we moved the/her couch into the kitchen. Emma climbed upon the counter to get a taste of her favorite beverage (coffee). What we didn't notice until reviewing the picture was the figurine in the background! Look closely at the top right side of the pic ( there's a lil' emma lookalike with a coffee cup sittin' on top of the microwave, the cup says I "heart" my dog )

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Buddy and blogging

I have outgrown this old chair since you'all seen me here last!

Hi dear frendz,
Its me…Buddy here, and I gotz sumptin ta say…

Well, I finally convinced Mom ta let me blog…I stared at her until she got da message!…(hey, it worked once before)

Theres been a lot happenin aroun da place lately…Our pack is a bit smaller now…I don’t really understand what happened, but my little (big) sis is not here anymore!

Alls I knowz is one day Mom and Dad waz cryin, so I stayed outta the way since my other sister Sasha wanted to stay close to them since she wuz cryin too…Well, I don hafta tell ya that dat wuz a bad day!

I tried ta sing ta cheer everbuddy up da next day, but I stopped when I noticed dat my best back up singer was gone!..Sasha can't sing worth a LICK! Emma was a good howler fur sure.

I wuzn’t too close ta Emma, but she did teach me a couple things…like how to stare down da mama when she be ignorin’ ya.

She taught Sasha how ta take a mouthful of food and dump it onto da living room floor ta eat it…(Sasha could use da exercise), Sasha never did drop down on da floor and wriggle over it the way Emma did though…She wuz cookin’ it, Mom sayz. She tried ta teach me ta do dat too, but I don’t leave my bowl unguarded…EVER!

Emma did teach me about how good coffee iz..When she got old her teeth fell out so I would crunch up my cookies (dog biscuits) and she would eat da crumbs dat I left just fur her, and then she would leave me a little bit of her coffee dat she got every morning! Yum!

Soon after Emma left, Sasha looked really, really sad..so Mom and Dad decided we would all go fur a nice hike in da woods…It wuz my first time goin since I was a pup, and guess what…I got ta run OFF LEASH! It was really slippery on da trail, so I slipped and slid, and nearly knocked Mom over, but I wuz a good boy and stayed on da trail (most of da time)..and NEVER let Mom and Dad outta my sight. When some loud snowmobiles came along I even ran to my Mama and stayed at her side…OK…I stayed behind her legs…until it was gone!

Well, I guess that about wraps it all up fur now…I am late fur my nap. I tried ta take one in Mom's chair yesterday and almost got away wif it too!

Now dis chair looks more comfy fur me!
Maybe when she's not lookin I'll try again.

Thanks fur droppin by!


  1. Hi Buddy, and whoof from my coco. I like your blog.

    1. Thanks Maam,

      Whoof! whoof! Coco...Hey, I luvz coco-puffs, but My Mom won't let me have any!
      I be thinkin she haz way too many rulz.
      ~God bless all da dogz wif people ta luv em~

  2. Now I would say Buddy that if you use those gorgeous eyes then you could win Mom over to give you and Sasha anything you wanted.

    1. Yup! Don't tell er I told ya, but that momz iz a big ole push over when I give er da look ;)

  3. hi buddy! my name is sushi. coco is my woof pal. can we be friends too?

  4. Howdy there Sushi! As long as yer not a squirrel you can be my friend! I luv my cousin Kera the kitty, she doesn't scare me as much as she use ta. I also have a neighbor kitty that walks around my enclosure in da back yard when Momz puts me out there...His name is Buddy too, and it is sooo confusing when his daddy callz him! I finally got it figured out that he wasn't callin fur me, WOL! (whoof out loud)


WORD PLAY WITH BUDDY The scholarly hound

WORD PLAY WITH BUDDY  The scholarly hound
howdy every-buddy,

well, mum says i look real dig-nuf'-hide in my new eyeglasses!

i dunno how she wud no....

i Dig..then when i had.. 'Nuf ,... i always Hide!

She musta found me out!



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